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Controversial “Foreign National Information Form” arrives in Pattaya, being rolled out nationwide

Controversial “Foreign National Information Form” arrives in Pattaya, being rolled out nationwide


BANGKOK:– Thaivisa understands a controversial form used by immigration that requires foreigners to disclose important personal information is now in use at Jomtien immigration and is being rolled out nationwide.
Expats and foreigners in Pattaya are now being asked to complete the form, which asks for personal details such as bank account numbers, the addresses of social media accounts and information of places they visit frequently, when they go to complete their 90 day report or extend their visas.

The form, which was first introduced back in April at the Immigration Division 1 office and at the One-Stop Service Center at Chamchuri Square in Bangkok, was introduced at Phuket immigration last month and is already being used at Samut Prakan immigration office.

It is unclear if the form is mandatory.

In April, Chatchawan Wachirapaneekhun, deputy commissioner of the Immigration Bureau’s crime suppression unit told Khaosod English the form was not mandatory.

However, Maj Gen Chachaval Vachirapaneegul, told The Phuket News on May 18 that the form, titled “Foreign National Information Form” is mandatory.

Gen Chachaval said: “If a foreigner doesn’t want to fill in their information by themselves, they will be questioned for our records anyway. If they don’t fill in the form, we will suspect their reason”.

However, he later added that immigration “will not force people to provide their social media details”, but did describe the form as “necessary”, saying “in the past, immigration lacked information about foreign nationals living in Thailand when problems happened. This updated information will help us catch foreigners faster,” the Phuket News reported.

The Foreign National Information Form requires all “aliens” to submit the following information:

– Full name, date of birth, passport number, and names of father and mother
– Full address and telephone numbers in home country
– Full address and telephone numbers of your home and workplace in Thailand
– Social media and email accounts (is optional)
– Make of car/motorcycle, model, colour, license plate number
– Frequently visited places such as clubs, restaurants, shops, hospital
– Emergency contact details for a Thai and foreigner
– Bank account details such as bank, branch, account name and account number (only required for certain visas

At the top of the page, the form states:

This form shall be used for making record of information of every alien entering and staying in the Kingdom of

Thailand and shall be submit with Notification of Residence for Aliens (section 37 , 38 of Immigration Act, B.E. 2522), or

90-days Notification, or Extension of Stays (all purposes), or Re-Entry Permit, or in all cases involving alien labors.

Along with the warning which is in bold:

Providing false information to an officer, shall be punished under Penal Code

You can view the Foreign National Information form here: http://newscontent.t…Information.pdf


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